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About Us

Hi-Tech Hearing Centre Inc. was established in 1994 as Dr. Eduardo Go, M.D., BC-HIS brought in a partnership with Starkey Hearing Aids technology from North America and Canada to the Philippines. Through this partnership, the most innovative, highly sought after and highest quality equipment, diagnostic tools and hearing aids were made available to the Philippine market. To date, Hi-Tech Hearing Centre is the exclusive distributor of Starkey Products & Services in the Philippines.

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, hearing loss is specific to each patient. Our hearing aids need to be selected, molded and specifically prescribed according to the thorough testing procedures by Hi-Tech Hearing Centre. These diagnostic procedures use the latest and most innovative testing technology that is internationally accredited.


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The Hi-Tech Program is a lifelong process of rehabilitation that Hi-Tech Hearing Centre provides each patient. This begins at consultation and involves restoration of the patients' lives to maximize the benefits of proper hearing with a hearing aid. Here, the doctor provides Assistive Listening Devices, tutoring, reading and video tools, to aid in the process of maximizing the hearing aid. Hearing does not end with the purchase of a hearing aid at Hi-Tech Hearing Centre, we ensure patients that they not only hear louder, but they hear clearer and seamlessly incorporate the hearing aid in a more active, stress-free and efficient life. Choosing the right Hearing Instruments Specialist, the custom-fit and specificity of the hearing aid to your condition and aftercare are all part of HHCI's Better Hearing Program.

The first center was established in Cathedral Heights Building Complex of St. Luke's Medical Center in Quezon City. After two years, the second centre opened in the Medical Plaza Makati to serve the southern provinces of Metro-Manila.

Here at Hi-Tech Hearing Centre, we are constantly upgrading technology and learning about the newest hearing innovations to provide customers with the latest and best hearing care in the market.

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