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Our Services

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Video Otoscopy

Holistic quality hearing care requires the ability to serve our clients in more ways than ever with our Video-Otoscopy system. We are able to widen our understanding of our otologic examination through more accurate and detailed projections on a colored monitor via a high resolution camera supplied by an Accu-Color fiber Optic light source. Aside from providing the consultant with a complete view of the patient’s ear, this is also a tool used to explain the condition to the patient and his or her family so that everyone involved can grasp the idea more visually.

Clinical Acoustic Immittance

Beyond your eardrum is the middle ear cavity which contains various organs that affect hearing. Through Acoustic Immittance, we measure the pressure, suppleness and other parameters as vectors in determining the integrity of the middle ear chamber and quality of hearing.

Clinical Hearing Evaluation

Hearing evaluation, accurate diagnosis, precise prescriptions for the best-fit hearing aid are perhaps the most important factors in your hearing aid purchase. Our testing procedures for hearing and speech evaluation includes Behavioral Observation Audiometry, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, Speech Intelligibility and Pure Tone Audiogram of up to 16 KHz. All these are carried out inside a 61/2 X 61/2 ft. Industry standard Canada-FDA approved sound treated room.

Speech Audiometry is evaluated using our Master Hearing Aid Simulator with a variety of noise to determine the Speech Discrimination Score in quiet and noisy environment.

Computerized Auditory Evoked Potential Testing

Early intervention for young children with hearing impairment spells the success of their Aural and Oral Rehabilitation. Infants as young as three months old may be tested to determine any need for hearing tools. Infants as young as three months old may be tested to determine any need for hearing enhancement through proper amplification.

Inspire OS, Professional Fitting System

Interactive hearing care is the heart of our promise of Better Hearing Program. Our latest version of Inspire OS Professional Fitting System provides technology that can be constantly updated and modified according to patient and consultant’s recommendation using software and intelligent hearing aid circuits.

How Loud is Loud

We measure and record loudness using the Loudness Growth Scale. This is used to determine the perception of sound and speech in relation to the real life situations, and precaution for loudness recruitment.

Premium Fit

Results obtained in Pure Tone and Speech Audiometry and Loudness Growth Scale are used as data for the Fitting Software and Speech Mapping to generate the perfect match for between patient and hearing aid model to provide the best custom fit.

Comfort Fit

Our "3-Shape" 3-D scanner directly links our patients' ear impression to our mother company, ensuring fast and accurate delivery of hearing aids of all models including custom ear molds, active and passive ear plugs. This results in our patients' advantage of comfort and precise fitting on all hearing instruments.

The Doctor’s note

This is where the advantage of a computer stops. From here consultant’s circuit knowledge, preference and experience come into play to decide the best possible fit for the patient.

Knowledge + Advance Instrumentations = Successful Fitting

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